Social Entrepreneurs Are Reimagining American Healthcare

When Abner Mason explains why the American healthcare system is failing, he doesn’t begin by discussing providers or payers or pharmaceutical prices. Instead, he talks about Netflix.  “Netflix isn’t going to recommend the same set of films to two different people,” he pointed out during our conversation. “Its platform is designed to treat subscribers as [...]

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Carrum Health Is Developing a New Blueprint for Affordable Care in America

Healthcare prices are racing upward with the speed of a runaway train, leaving cost-burdened employers no option but to keep pace. In recent years, market consolidation has empowered oversized networks like Mass General Brigham, Sutter Health, and John Muir Health to monopolize regions and essentially dictate prices to employers.  “[Consolidation] is the largest driver of [...]

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How Can We Use a New Public Option to Address Affordability?

New healthcare reform proposals are scrutinized from the moment they appear. Every line is picked apart and examined; endless debates are had over the plan’s apparent merits, flaws, and repercussions. But in the end, all of those conversations trace their root back to a single, pervasive question -- how do we facilitate affordable care in [...]

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Expectations for Biden’s Healthcare Strategy

When Joe Biden was sworn into office on January 11th, 2020, the conversation around what his arrival into the presidency would mean for the future of American healthcare reached a fever pitch.  Those of us in healthcare already know the broad strokes of what he hopes to accomplish during his tenure. While on the campaign [...]

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How Will Value-Based Care Evolve Pharmacy?

The shift to value-based care is well and truly underway. According to a recent report from Change Healthcare, the number of states and territories that have adopted value-based reimbursement schemes has multiplied seven times over in just the last five years, with 48 regions now supporting accountable care.  These numbers are striking but not, given [...]

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Care Navigation Has Become an Imperative for Payers and Employers

In the span of a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has managed to unceremoniously toss out our assumptions about what healthcare consultations should look like. In a pre-COVID world, we believed that in-person appointments were a necessity and shrugged off telemedicine and carer navigation services as “nice-to-haves.” Now, those tables have taken a drastic turn.  [...]

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The Future of Veterinary Coverage Fuses Telemedicine and Insurance

Veterinary care has made incredible strides over the last decade. Modern animal care centers are pet-friendly mirrors of their human-centric counterparts. Veterinarians spend years of study to stand on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine; as of 2020, the American Veterinary Medical Association recognized 41 distinct specialties in the field, including oncology, dermatology, internal medicine, [...]

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The Medicare Advantage Program: A Means for Employers to Moderate the Weight of OOP Costs On Their Employees

When it comes to protecting patients from the crushing weight of healthcare expenses, employer sponsored  and individual high-deductible insurance plans offer all the protection of a dented tin roof in a hailstorm. They present the appearance of security and can potentially deflect the cost burden of some medical bills -- but in all likelihood, financially-damaging [...]

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Could Pet Ownership be a Solution to the Loneliness Epidemic?

Pet ownership has been all but synonymous with companionship, happiness, and support for years. Furry companions offer countless opportunities for engagement and emotional reassurance for animal lovers of all ages; however, given our current senior isolation epidemic, the potential benefits of caring for a pet are particularly significant for aging, lonely adults.    Coming home [...]

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