Why It’s High Time for a Hybrid Approach to Healthcare

The value of telehealth has been amply revealed during the pandemic, to the point that it will remain a vital part of the sector, now that this healthcare crisis shows signs of abating. At the same time, in-person interactions with clinicians continue to have their place, meaning that the sector’s future almost certainly lies with [...]

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The Potential Problem with Emerging Diabetes Drugs

For the more than 34 million Americans coping with diabetes, using insulin daily to manage their blood sugar is literally a lifesaver. Unfortunately, insulin prices have more than doubled in recent years, causing some to skip doses or not take insulin at all, putting them at risk for severe complications. The latest figures from the [...]

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Chicago Pacific Founders Again Taking Part in ADAPT Program

Once again this year Chicago Pacific Founders is among several healthcare industry leaders taking part in the ADAPT program, which seeks out innovative healthtech startups and provides each of them with $100,000 in non-dilutive funding, as well as the resources to scale new solutions and models. Anthem, Blue Shield of California, Cigna, Evernorth, Optumlabs and [...]

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Are Workplace Wellness Programs Invaluable Cost-Savers or a Waste?

Workplace wellness programs get a bad rap. Some skeptics and industry critics deride all such efforts as well-meaning but ineffective, labeling them as deserving recognition for their positive intent, but not for their impact. They cost more money than they save; their tangible benefits appear underwhelming at best. Judging by the critical literature, it would [...]

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The Opioid Epidemic is an Employment Crisis

Above all else, the opioid crisis is insidious. It slips into communities, stealing away lives and livelihoods alike as it quietly grows. The tragedy addiction causes tends to overshadow its secondary impacts on business and community during conversations about the opioid crisis, and for good reason. The risk to an individual's health and life is [...]

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How Competitive Are Your Health Benefits?

With the rise of big tech and an ever-slimming talent pool, employers are scrambling to attract and retain talent. Current trends in the job market are definitively against them; schools are barely able to churn out enough graduates to suit demand for leading software, computer, or robotics engineers to suit industry demand. Even available would-be [...]

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Health Investing is About More than Dollars and Cents

When it comes to innovations in healthcare technology, the line between futuristic impossibility and real-world advancement can be thin. Over the past decade, the healthcare world has made strides into near-science fiction. We now have exoskeletons that can allow the paralyzed to walk, VR programs that help med students practice patient interactions before ever stepping [...]

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